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  • Why EVS1L?

    This is the 1st EV Made in Singapore so this vehicle bears the unique plate of EVS1L. 

  • Will there be more Ioniq 5 added into the current fleet of BlueSG vehicles?

    This is the only Ioniq 5 that we have currently.
    Look out for more interesting updates in the near future.


  • I've submitted my interest and details in the form.
    When will I be contacted to confirm my booking?

    If you have registered your interest in the form, please note that it does not mean that a booking is confirmed. You will only be contacted once the vehicle  is available
    to be reserved.

    If you are able to reserve, a friendly BlueSG staff will be contacting you between 3-5 working days after your submission.

  • Are all the terms & conditions covered for the Ioniq 5 same as those in the BlueSG service?

    All terms & conditions remain the same. Additional clauses will be highlighted upon collection of the Ioniq 5.


  • How long can the Ioniq 5's battery last for one full charge?

    The battery of the Ioniq 5 can last for 400 to 420 km, on a full charge.


  • Where can I park the Ioniq 5?

    You can park the Ioniq 5 in any carpark, however you must not park the Vehicle at the BlueSG Charging Station. Note that all parking fees (season and short term) are to be borne by you.


  • Can I charge the Ioniq 5 at the BlueSG charging stations?

    No, you must not charge the Vehicle at any BlueSG Charging Station. Also, you must not charge or attempt to charge the Vehicle at an electric Vehicle charging station that has not been approved by law under the Electric Vehicles Charging Act 2022.


  • What should I do when there is a technical issue with the Ioniq 5 while driving or if I'm involved in an accident during my rental?

    You are required to immediately contact the Customer Relations Center at 3163 7800 which will direct you to your next course of action.

    In the event of an accident, breakdown or technical fault of the vehicle such that it cannot be driven, you need to contact the following: 

    Orange Force Accident Response Team (Income): 6789 5000​
    24-hour Roadside Assistance: 9665 2653
    24-hour Recovery Service: 8201 6666 / 6272 2208


  • Can I pick up and return/park the Ioniq 5 at any of the BlueSG charging stations?

    You can only pick up and return the Ioniq 5 only at the BlueSG office at 48 Changi South Street 1, Singapore 486130 within BlueSG’s office hours between 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Monday to Friday (excluding Public Holidays).



  • What are the different rental packages for Ioniq 5?

    As stated in the reservation form, the rental packages are:
    Mon to Fri Special Package, 6hr Rental - $90
    Mon to Thur Special Package, 24hr Rental* - $200

    *Only applicable for rentals commencing and ending between Monday and Thursday (excluding Public Holidays).


  • Are the timings for picking up and returning of the
    Ioniq 5 flexible?

    You are required to collect and return the Vehicle within BlueSG’s office hours between 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Monday to Friday (excluding Public Holidays). If you do not return the vehicle by the end of your rental period, you will incur late charges of $50.00 per hour or part thereof.


  • What if I did not fully utilise the hours in my rental package? Can it be pro-rated?

    The Rental Fees applicable for each Rental Packages is fixed and shall apply even if You fail to complete the applicable duration. For example, when You select the 6-hour Rental Package and utilise only 5 hours, You shall still be charged the Rental Fees for the 6-hour package in full and such Rental Fee will not be pro-rated, credited or refunded to you. 


  • How do I pay for my rental upon confirming that my booking is successful for the Ioniq 5?

    Once our BlueSG staff has contacted you to verify all details and confirm your booking, you will then be charged the rental. BlueSG will pre-charge the Rental Fee against the Payment Card registered to Your BlueSG account. Note that all payments must be made before collection of vehicle.


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